Big Data

Solving the challenges that come with big data plays a major role for a company to flourish. We not only gather the data but even work on processing it strategically. V3OS data services encompass all the services and include, strategizing, processing, machine learning, analytics solutions and data platform management. To make any organization data- driven we help in implementing a global data- driven strategy and make it look brighter on the analytics big data solution. We provide services based on data ingestion, data pipeline, storage and analytics. With big data, we also leverage the service of BI & analytics and even Artificial Intelligence. Data Management forms an inextinguishable part of our service which benefits your organization.

What We DO?

  1. Customer Segmentation- We try to understand how the customers and the prospective clients react to certain applications, websites and any social media handle. We try to keep a track of all the clicks and know customer behaviour. It helps us to drive possible search results and converting-better ads.
  2. Log Analytics- Log Analytics helps in some efficient ways to conduct and gain understanding in the operations. To visualize and analyze the entire process we handle the mass volume of data initiated by the IT system.
  3. Predictive Analytics- From the entire platform, we collect the data and analyze both the present and the future. Even before the customers react, we predict the direction of any strategy or campaign.
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