V3 Outsourcing Solutions is dedicated to forming long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs by offering world-class BPO service solutions. This is accomplished through our highly skilled workforce, best practices, and actionable insights.

We strive to establish a firm based on core values in order to provide better results for customers, workers, and other stakeholders. Our fundamental principles define our identity as a corporation committed to ethical operations.

Our teams continuously try to take responsibility for every element of a project, regardless of project size or expertise. We promote project completion with a strong sense of personal responsibility.

Since 2013, our professionally experienced employees have been making lasting relationships with customers in the commercial, public, and non-profit industries across the globe. Furthermore, our customer list includes national franchises, big Telco corporations, energy retailers, insurance companies, healthcare units, etc. We take care of our clients with full attention and quick competence, thanks to cutting-edge call management technology and unique call handling procedures and algorithms.

Our Footsteps

Taking the first step, we established our organization V3 Outsourcing Solutions in Kolkata, India. While achieving our organization goals, we wanted to spread our wings and leave traces all over the world. Just when we saw success coming to us, we expanded our footsteps to Gold Coast, Australia and Newport UK.

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    We feel privileged to be able to provide the service 24*7. It gives us immense pleasure to be available for our clients and help them with support round the clock.

    We believe in always adding a dash of cost-effectiveness to your investment. Giving a high return on investment is our focus to bind your faith in us.

    We have our eyes on the deadline and make sure to complete the project ahead of time. You will never find us running on the curve but be sure to meet us at the finishing line.

    We love adding feathers to our hats. We are reaching across the globe and spreading our wings like never before. Taking baby steps we have covered India, Australia, and UK.